Lindsey is an Austin, Tx based singer/songwriter who is just beginning the journey to pursue her dreams. Singing has always been a part of her life, but she didn't fully realize her passion for singing and songwriting until serving as a worship leader at a local Austin church.  Through leading worship, she was blessed enough to find herself surrounded by some of the most talented and experienced mentors in the music industry; each of them playing major roles in getting her to where she is today!

In 2011, she partnered with the amazingly talented guitarist, Michael P. Vasquez, to start a Motown cover band.  After attracting some of Austin's most talented musicians and vocalists, Honey Baked Soul was born! The band is still groovin' to the sweet sounds of Motown across Central, Tx.

In late 2011, Lindsey was introduced to the musical genius that is J.R. Taylor.  After listening to Lindsey debut a few of her originals, J.R. agreed to record and produce her first solo E.P., which will be available later this year!

In 2012, she completed recording her E.P., and got her first taste of performing live as a solo artist.

In early 2013, Lindsey had her first experience as a professional studio vocalist. She also performed at SXSW as a vocalist and musician for longtime friend and fellow singer/songwriter, Dana Ray.

On September 13, 2013 Lindsey's Debut E.P. "Chasing the Moon" was officially released!

Events for the rest of 2013 and 2014 are being planned as we speak, so stay tuned!!!

To view Lindsey's Full Electronic Press Kit visit: http://www.sonicbids.com/LindseyDukes